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While most of us view entering a new relationship with anticipation, dating is another story. For many, there is no experience they face with more dread and anxiety. We look at what you most need from a relationship, overcome negative thought patterns that may be holding you back. I help you put your best self forward so that you feel genuinely good when going through this process and see new possibilities as you hadn’t before. Where challenges are more entrenched, I rely upon attachment therapy to help untangle any issues that may be blocking your way.
  • Understand dating and relationship history
  • Uncover hidden and obvious barriers
  • Deal with fear, anxiety and rejection
  • Learn how to attract the right one
  • Move from first to second dates
  • Deal with third date blocks
  • Uncover the best ways for you to meet potential dates
  • Work on your online dating profile

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True Stories
I had been severely abused by my father as a child and was struggling to believe that I was worthy of love. I kept choosing partners who were bad for me. When I came to see Micki I had started dating a man who treated me really well. I continued to test him and treat him badly to see if he would stay. By working with Micki I got to see how I had to handle my own anxiety and not throw it onto my partner. By staying the course I was able to work on my ability to trust both myself and my partner and to be able to develop a loving and healthy relationship. Female (39)

I have always had a difficult time committing to important things. This fear of commitment has hampered my life. I came to see Micki because I was dating a woman whom I really loved but was scared of committing to because she didn’t fit the cookie cutter mold. After several sessions of Somatic Experience therapy with Micki I was able to let go of some old wounds that had been holding me back and was able to find a new way of moving forward. I have since been able to feel complete about my decision to marry my girlfriend. Male (29)

I decided to seek out Micki’s help because I was dating aimlessly and not feeling as though I was getting anywhere. I dated women I really liked who dumped me after a few dates. Micki helped me to see that I may have been turning women off by presenting with overconfidence. In other words, because I was so concerned about women liking me, I acted so cool and confident that it was actually “too much” and made women fear they would never be good enough for me. Since this realization, I now have toned things down to the extent that women get to see the real me…which is ideal. Male, 25

I came to Micki because I felt that I was making silly mistakes on dates. My sessions with Micki helped me address this, but even more so helped me clarify what was important to me in a life partner and how realistic those expectations were. In addition, Micki acted as a sounding board when I would go on dates in-between sessions, helping me to crystalize how I felt about the relationship and whether I was doing something counterproductive. I feel that I’m better equipped to judge situations and feel confident in my decisions regarding relationships thanks to Micki. Male, 29

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