Many are surprised Mark Zuckerberg is launching a dating app so soon after the Senate hearing committee over the Cambridge Analytics breach of privacy. Some say it’s as though he is flaunting how easily he got away with committing this major breach of privacy.  Another way of looking at it is perhaps he is that much wiser about what he can and can’t get away with. Now that Facebook fully understands what is and isn’t permissible they are prepared to go full steam ahead and get into the most private sanctum of our existence – dating and relationships.
Zuckerberg after all doesn’t need the money. So after carefully researching the strengths and pitfalls of many other apps which have also been using facebook information to generate matches, Facebook now has the ability to launch the most algorithymed app there is, allowing for all the info we provide to help direct us towards love.
Although Facebook may encourage people whose status doesn’t reflect any relationship or who say they are single or divorced to join the app, there is an extra step to actually joining.
One of the key differences between the FB app and other dating apps is that the focus is actually about relationships rather than hookups. I find this the most refreshing part of the app. It will actually try to introduce people based upon their interests (rather than just proximity) which will be reflected upon things they share on their wall, pages they like, groups they join and causes they support.
Many have been using Facebook as a dating app all along; trolling on different groups and looking through different friends of friends to find dates. Having a proper app through Facebook actually seems like the most logical step to finding more appropriate partners who actually share similar interests and attend the same events.
The one area where the Facebook app may have a unique advantage is its ability to match based upon your personal interests. However, as the saying goes “You can take a horse to the water….”
Facebook, Tinder,, Jswipe, JDate and OKcupid can all offer you the best matches under the sun, but if you can’t connect with the matches they offer you emotionally, no relationship will develop.
While Facebook just announced the new app, the actual launch is several months away. If you are considering a real relationship, now may be the perfect time to consider cleaning up your Facebook page, think about which friends to keep (fb will be setting you up with friends of friends) and boost your relationship skills. If being in a relationship still scares you, invest some time on working out the cause so you can break free and let love in.
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