Marriage and Couples Therapy
Sometimes life throws us a curve ball. The trick is to know how to catch it and throw it back. Not let it knock you down. Catching things that are getting out of hand early is the best way to deal with them. As they say “Prevention is better than cure.” Too often I see couples when the proverbial is hitting the fan. Recognizing a problem early on can make all the difference between getting a relationship back on track and having it go off the rails into a ditch. The best time for couples/marriage therapy is early in the relationship, before negative patterns become hard wired and feel too hard to repair. I use a range of therapeutic tools including: Imago, Systems theory, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Attachment theory, Somatic Experience therapy, and Gottman theory combined with Structural family therapy to help unravel the challenge and make it clear and easier to overcome.
  • Discover what has gotten in the way
  • Rediscover the dream
  • Deal with relationships gone astray
  • Affairs
  • Breakdown in intimacy
  • Rebuild communication
  • Rebuild trust
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True Stories
After the happy first years of our marriage, we began to experience a breakdown in communication. I had been sexually abused by a relative when I was a teenager and this held me back from being truly present, emotionally and physically, with my husband. Rather than sharing my feelings with my husband, I withdrew and blamed him for our problems. Our work with Micki enabled me to recognize my difficult feelings and learned how to express myself so that my husband could better understand me. We are now able to deal with challenges head on so that they don’t snow ball and become crises. Couple: Female (24), male (27)

We came to Micki because we were not connecting well with one another after only a few years of marriage. I (Man) felt like I was making all of the decisions in our relationship and felt my wife was just coming along for the ride. Working with Micki enabled both of us to recognize the pattern we had developed where I wasn’t allowing my wife to be heard. I previously believed that it was my job to make the decisions and didn’t realize that my wife wanted to be involved, but that I was simply blocking her from doing so. Having turned this dynamic around we are now in such a healthy place. Couple: Woman (25) Man (28)

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