(This story takes place after the 5th person in Israel was found to have Corona)

Ayelet and Ben both swiped right on Tinder https://tinder.com. After exchanging phone numbers, they had an incredibly long phone conversation. The likes of which are unusual for Ayelet. By the time the conversation was done, she wondered how much more she would learn about him from their first date. Her pre-date conversation length is usually no longer than 10 minutes tops.

She was excited for this date in a way she hadn’t been in the first time since her divorce 2 years ago.  Her dates usually sound so dull over the phone. Especially the first time around, when they hadn’t yet met.

Tinder doesn’t offer you much info, so she doesn’t usually have much to go on. Over the phone Ben sounded open and fully invested. She even felt a little flutter in her tummy. Something she hadn’t experienced in years.

They arranged to go out two days after the phone call. By 8 o’clock on Tuesday night she was good to go.

  • Babysitter- Check
  • Makeup- Check
  • Hair- Check
  • Awesome outfit- Check
  • Great Attitude- Check

At 8:05 Ayelet stepped out of her home to meet up with Ben when she heard a ping from her whatsapp.  Instinctively, she checked her phone to discover a new message from Ben.

“Sorry, can’t meet you tonight. My big sister convinced me to stay home because of Corona. Hope I can meet up with you some other time. Bye.”

That’s right…”Ba Bye”, thought Ayelet as she carried along her merry way. Feeling awesome anyway! “At least I don’t have to spend my night with a dim whit,” Ayelet thought as she smiled to herself.

Relationship Take Home Lessons:

  1. Don’t listen to your sister…If you do, don’t tell your date…Man up…Make your own decisions.
  2. If someone does drop you suddenly, keep walking and keep smiling!
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