When many couples first get married, they begin to focus on the practical aspects of the relationship, namely, money. They begin to think about how to have a secure future by making the most sound and profitable financial investments. It is then that many couples begin to forget about what drew them together in the first place-loving, sharing, caring, feeling close to one another, excitement… basically the fun stuff.

In a sense as soon as couples tie the knot, many over-focus on putting all their eggs into the financial basket and lose focus on the less practical aspects like love love and romance. By taking the focus away from what drew them together as a couple, people often begin to forget about their initial goals and dreams and about what drew them together initially.

While making financial investments is an important element of a relationship, it should never come at the expense of what is truly important, the relationship. By keeping yourselves strongly focused on what brought you together in the first place, and carving out time for one another this will help to maximize your relationship potential and keep you most strongly connected to one another for a lifetime of happiness, for years to come.

Very often couples do get side tracked and forget about what their goals are, or they change. Getting a relationship back on its rails feels like a lot of work. This is why learning good communication and conflict resolution skills and putting them into practice from early on is the best investment one can make in insuring the long term success of their relationship. Being able to resolve conflicts quickly also leaves more time for the fun stuff like love making, watching movies together and taking walks and balmy summer nights.

If you’re finding that your marriage is starting to get overly practical that the fun parts are no longer present, consider contacting a qualified Marriage Therapist to get your relationship on the right track and learn how to balance the practical and the romantic bits.

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