I was tending to my garden today and thinking how bad I feel for neglecting it for so long. Many of the plants were in serious need of immediate care as the leaves were dying and flowers were unable to bloom.  The cold winter weather sometimes brings me down and I just don’t have it in me to take care of the garden in the way it really needs.

Pruning plants, clearing away dead leaves and aerating the soil feels all too hard when the rain is beating down and it’s so cold outside. It’s also hard to feel motivated to clear away dead leaves day after day, when you know tomorrow a freshly fallen batch will effortlessly re-appear…only requiring me to do the same thing all over again.

It got me thinking that gardening is so much like tending to a relationship. Initially it’s beautiful and we feel motivated to tend to each other.  Because it’s new and fresh tending to the relationship early on takes little work.

We talk endlessly in the beginning, send each other texts throughout the day of romantic little memes and pick me ups.  It gives each of us a smile along with a boost- like a caffeine injection that motivates us to push through the hard parts of the day.

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